About Us
Hattaway Communications, Inc., is a strategic communications firm with a mission: to help visionary leaders and organizations achieve ambitious goals that benefit people and the planet. We’re in the business of communications for impact, not self-promotion.

Our Approach

Inspire & Engage

Our approach draws on insights, tools and techniques from social and cognitive psychology, consumer marketing and political communications. It’s a powerful combination of strategy, art and science designed to create content and campaigns that inspire and engage people.

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Our Team

Diverse Expertise

We’re a diverse team of strategists and innovators with experience in politics, marketing, entertainment, journalism, visual design and other fields. We believe in the power of aspirational communication—and we’re dedicated to our clients and their causes.

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Our Clients

Visionary Leaders & Organizations

You’ll know many of the names on our client list. We work with high-profile leaders in politics and government, emerging leaders in business and social enterprise, major nonprofit organizations, and the world’s top foundations.

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Our Work

Research-driven, Strategic Communications

We begin every project by listening—to understand your goals and the audiences critical to achieving them. We conduct strategic and audience research; develop marketing, branding and advocacy strategies; produce high-impact creative content; and execute integrated campaigns to maximize your reach, resources and impact. We offer an innovative suite of media metrics and other analytics to help you measure the impact of your communications activities and investments.

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