Our Achieve Great Things podcast shares cutting-edge insights and ideas for creating impact through communications.

Episode 9: Hattaway Directors Roundtable

To mobilize a national constituency, progressives have to focus on what affects people—not just what offends them.

Episode 8: Sean Gibbons, The Communications Network

Amid an unceasing flow of ideas and information, how can foundations and nonprofits find their way into people’s hearts and minds?

Episode 7: Joel Payne, Qorvis MSL Group

To get back on track, progressives must resist the urge to paint all Trump supporters with the same broad brush.

Episode 6: Anna Greenberg, Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research

To craft compelling messages, Democrats have to first take a step back and listen.

Episode 5: Michael Breen, Truman Center and Truman National Security Project

Do progressives have to embrace fear as a political tactic? No, but they do have to acknowledge it.

Episode 4: Susan Markham, Smash Strategies

In the new political landscape, communicators shouldn’t be afraid of showing their passion.

Episode 3: Patrick Hickey, West Virginia University

Communicators may find Donald Trump’s use of technology to connect directly with voters shallow—but they can’t afford to ignore his methods.

Episode 2: Jim Williams, Public Policy Polling

Why facts alone aren’t enough, and the importance of talking to people directly about the things that impact their lives.

Episode 1: Doug Hattaway, Hattaway Communications

How appealing to people’s aspirations can help change the narrative on controversial issues.

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