Whatever you aim to achieve, our team can help you map the communications landscape and develop research-based strategies, content and campaigns to motivate and mobilize people for your issue or organization.


Your road map to impact

A successful strategy begins with articulating an ambitious goal, mapping out the “ecosystem” of decision-makers and influencers who can help you achieve it, and anticipating opportunities and obstacles along the way. We offer strategic analysis, thinking and planning to help you develop and execute winning strategies for advocacy, marketing and brand-building.

  • We designed a global campaign encouraging leaders in the microfinance industry to adopt high standards for delivering financial services that meet the needs of low-income people.
  • A group of major foundations asked us to develop and execute a strategy to advance diversity, equity and inclusion in the field of philanthropy.
  • To develop a strategy for changing the national conversation about poverty in America, we created a Media Map showing the ideas and individuals driving the dialogue in news and social media.

Products & Services

  • Communications strategies for advocacy, marketing and brand-building
  • Landscape and positioning analyses
  • MediaMap™ content analyses


Powerful insights for high-impact communications

We conduct qualitative and quantitative research to help you make informed strategic decisions, craft inspiring messages and create high-impact campaigns. Our research employs innovative methods from psychology, anthropology and other social sciences, as well as consumer marketing and political communications, to understand how best to motivate and mobilize your audiences.

  • Ethnographic research on the largest and most diverse generation in U.S. history produced Millennial Motivational Profiles to help leaders in the women’s movement engage young Americans in the cause.
  • Psychological research exploring emotional dynamics around the topic of marriage equality informed a new message that created a historic shift in public opinion on that controversial issue.
  • Winning Words research identified motivating, memorable, word-of-mouth messages that encouraged more people in underserved communities to complete the U.S. census.

Products & Services

  • In-depth interviews and ethnographic research
  • Motivational Profiles
  • MediaMap™ content analyses
  • Winning Words™ message research and development
  • Creative content testing
  • Audience Engagement Studies
  • Surveys

Message & Brand Development

Motivating messages and inspiring images

Our Winning Words methodology employs innovative research and development techniques to craft messages and images with maximum motivating power.  We use content analysis, audience research and creative techniques from linguistics, literature and the arts to create words and images that inspire and engage people.

  • Our message R&D methodology helped the LGBT movement craft a new message about marriage equality that contributed to a dramatic shift in public opinion—and political victories.
  • We crafted a narrative about the causes of the U.S. financial crisis that was used to advocate for major financial reforms signed into law by President Barack Obama.
  • Our narrative approach to message development helped the world’s largest foundation create a new message platform with a consistent approach to communicating about all of its global health, development and education programs.

Products & Services

  • Message Manuals and Brand Manuals
  • Aspirational Narrative and Strategic Stories
  • Advocacy and Marketing Campaign Toolkits
  • Strategic Storytelling Toolkits

Creative Content

Strategic design that engages hearts and minds

We believe in the power of visual communication to capture people’s imaginations and engage their hearts and minds. Our creative team designs eye-catching content that breaks through in today’s hypercharged media environment—and works strategically to raise awareness, change attitudes and motivate people to take action.

  • Our design team developed a visual identity and a complete suite of collateral to help unify the movement working for immigration reform.
  • We produced a series of inspirational videos in countries around the world to help lend a human face to the sometimes hard-to-grasp concept of microfinance.
  • We led a team of prominent technology strategists and designers to create a revolutionary home for storytelling resources for nonprofits.

Products & Services

  • Design Services
  • Video Production
  • Infographics
  • TED-style Talks
  • Advertising Production & Placement
  • Digital Content, Content Testing and Optimization
  • Thought Leadership Content


Integrated strategies for maximum impact

A successful campaign can raise awareness, influence attitudes and motivate people to take action. We design campaign plans around motivating milestones to keep people engaged and expand your reach, resources and impact—with metrics to measure your progress. We also execute integrated campaigns using social media, content marketing, advertising, media relations and more.

  • We executed a global advocacy campaign to help the Social Performance Task Force mobilize leaders in the microfinance industry to adopt a set of universal standards for meeting the financial needs of the world’s poorest people.
  • Our team helped MassEquality, the leading grass-roots organization in Massachusetts, win an uphill battle in the state legislature through a powerful combination of media coverage, grass-roots mobilization, online organizing and advertising.
  • Our campaign to mobilize women voters in battleground states for the 2008 presidential election utilized social media conversations, national media coverage and advertising that won a prestigious Pollie award.

Products & Services

  • Integrated campaign strategies with milestones and metrics
  • Advocacy, content marketing and behavior change campaigns
  • Outreach to national policymakers and influencers
  • Coalition management


Empowering your team to be effective communicators

Our mission is to help our clients build strong, communicating organizations. We deliver customized training programs that empower your team with knowledge, skills and hands-on practice to be effective spokespeople and create a culture of communication. We also offer speech coaching, media training, strategic planning seminars, jargon-busting workshops and more.

  • Our team helped a worldwide public health organization train medical and policy experts in dozens of countries to eliminate jargon and communicate in language that everyone can understand.
  • We trained nonprofit leaders in Nigeria to develop strategic communications plans, craft motivating messages and create digital content.
  • Our speech coaching team worked with the heads of major government agencies, candidates for public office and nonprofit leaders—utilizing practical techniques from the art of theater that help public speakers build confidence and connect with their audiences.
  • We designed a training program to help nonprofits build stronger brands, using powerful tools and techniques from consumer marketing and political organizing.

Products & Services

  • Strategic planning workshops
  • Speech coaching, presentation coaching and media training
  • Art & Science of Aspirational Communication workshops
  • Winning Words message development training


Measuring the outcomes of communications initiatives and investments

Our evaluation services assess your communications initiatives and investments to identify what’s working well, what could be improved—and how to make the greatest impact with your resources. We offer an objective, research-based view of your strategy, activities and content, with insights and ideas that empower your team to build a strong, communicating organization.

  • Our team evaluated a multimillion-dollar advertising and organizing campaign in California, using content analysis, in-depth interviews, focus groups and surveys to assess the campaign’s strategy, content and organization.
  • At the approach of its 100th anniversary, a major foundation asked us to produce a brand assessment and provide recommendations for updating and strengthening the brand.
  • We helped a democratically elected government in the Middle East assess the communications operations of key ministries, to better coordinate internal communications and reach the general public.
  • For a U.S. government agency, we produced a MediaMap to evaluate the effectiveness of the agency’s communications programs in the United States and overseas.

Products & Services

  • Media Map content analysis
  • Communications Capacity Analysis
  • Campaign Evaluation


The Art & Science of Aspirational Communication

To achieve great things, visionary leaders and organizations must motivate and mobilize people. We draw on the art and science of aspirational communication to inspire and engage people in our clients’ causes. Our research and development methodologies are informed by social and cognitive psychology, as well as linguistics, anthropology and other social sciences. We use tools and techniques from political communications, consumer marketing, grass-roots organizing, visual design, digital communications and other fields. We also employ the art of storytelling—and even techniques from poetry—to craft content and campaigns that speak to both the head and heart.

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