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What’s in a Name?

How the Learning Policy Institute used communications research to create a unique brand identity.

Your Values Add Value to Your Brand

To connect with a new generation, a leader in consumer advocacy refocused its brand on ​its mission.

Getting Beyond Buzzwords

How the Rockefeller Foundation encourages innovation through visual storytelling.

Helping Nonprofits Create Powerful Storytelling Strategies

Strategic, compelling stories can raise awareness, change attitudes, and motivate people to take action.

Creating Digital Tools to Help Coalitions Speak with One Voice

Advocates for children, families and communities knew they could achieve more by working together, but struggled to develop a cohesive communications strategy.

Crowdsourcing the Future of a Social Movement

Across the country, LGBTQ Americans shared their hopes, fears, and ideas.

Changing the Dynamics of a Controversial Issue

An aspirational message helped win historic victories for marriage equality.

Energizing a Venerable Brand in Higher Education

Putting people in the picture helped the Harvard School of Public Health connect with nonexperts and reach historic fundraising goals.

Reframing a National Debate

A new narrative about the U.S. financial crisis set the stage for reform.

Turning the Tide in a Tough Battle

A Winning Word changed the political dynamics in the debate over the national debt.

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