August Dichter

Associate, Strategy

August is an associate on the strategy team at Hattaway whose passion and curiosity lie in political messaging, narrative building, and innovative content creation. This passion has driven his career from late night TV to a master’s thesis on manipulated information. On Hattaway’s strategy team, he draws from his background to develop messaging insights, landscape analyses, and personalized stories to bring empowering communication strategies to organizations.

He arrived at Hattaway after completing the Hillary Rodham Clinton Global Challenges Programme, a master’s degree developed in collaboration with Sky Media in Swansea, Wales. His research, which focuses on the role of political messengers in state-sponsored disinformation campaigns, provides him with a strong academic foundation to critically analyze political narratives and the manipulation of information on global and local scales. In his free time, August enjoys producing his own podcast, pickling his homegrown cucumbers, and playing chess with friends and strangers alike.