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Hattaway Communications is a strategic communications firm that uses the power of strategy, science, and storytelling to help visionary leaders and organizations achieve ambitious goals that benefit people and the planet.

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The Art & Science of Aspirational Communication

Our work is guided by the Aspirational Communication Model, which provides a science-based framework to help you communicate with maximum motivating power.

Aspirations are powerful ideas: Our visions of the people we strive to be, the lives we aim to live, and the world we want to live in. They pack motivating power. They shape our identities. They drive our decisions and behaviors. The most powerful way to inspire and engage people is to connect your cause to their authentic aspirations. That’s why the art and science of Aspirational Communication lies at the heart of everything we do.


Our Clients

We bring a unique combination of experience working with some of the world’s best-known foundations, along with deep expertise in developing research-based positioning strategies for business, government, nonprofit, and philanthropic brands.

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