Our Approach

We're a team of strategists, researchers, and storytellers who work together to help you communicate with maximum motivating power.

Drawing from motivational, cognitive, and social psychology, the model suggests that you achieve greater levels of interest and engagement when you connect with people on multiple levels: appealing to their hopes and values (aspirational), putting people in the picture (social), speaking to both the heart and the head (emotional), and offering benefits that people understand and value (functional).

Our communications research and development helps you connect at every level

Achieving impact begins with clear goal setting and strategic focus. Research delivers audience insights that help frame your cause and engage your audiences. 

We then craft an Aspirational Narrative that provides a strategic framework for compelling and consistent communications. Our linguists, designers, and storytellers bring the narrative to life with Winning Words, Inspiring Images, and Strategic Stories.
We create breakthrough ideas for meaningful engagement with via social, paid, earned, and owned media, as well as offline activities and experiences. It all works together to drive measurable impact—raising awareness, changing attitudes, and motivating people to take action.

Diversity and Inclusion

Hattaway Communications is committed to creating an equitable world, and we know that begins with creating an equitable workplace. We are active listeners, supportive partners, and inclusive leaders in the fight for racial justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion. We hold our employees and partners accountable in this commitment.

We create space for our employees and our partners to fearlessly speak truth, authentically express themselves, and enjoy meaningful professional growth. We not only allow for difference but celebrate and dutifully defend it.

We will embody our values and work to achieve our vision by aligning our policies, practices and organizational culture with our commitment to equity and inclusion.

This is a short summary of our 10-page Code of Conduct. If you'd like to read the entire document, please email us at


Strategic? Creative? Passionate? Join our team.

Pro-Bono Communications Program for DMV-area Nonprofit Organizations

Hattaway Communications is dedicated to communications for impact. We use the power of strategy, science, and storytelling to help visionary leaders and organizations achieve ambitious goals that benefit people and the planet. 

DMV-area nonprofits in need of communications expertise are invited to apply for our pro-bono program. We’re looking to work with organizations that are led by people of color, serve communities of color, and operate locally. 

This is a good opportunity for your organization if you:

  • Want to update your brand or share a new story about the work you do
  • Need to target new audiences to increase your reach, resources, and impact  
  • Are launching a new campaign and need help with strategy and design
  • Have new leadership and want to define a fresh vision and communications strategy
  • Want to update your brand’s visual identity to reflect your current mission and impact

Our work together will focus on one or more of the following areas:

  • Research. We can conduct research that produces insights that help you understand how to motivate and mobilize your audience.
  • Strategy. We can work with you to define communications objectives, identify your key audiences, and produce a clear game plan for your communications.
  • Content. Our designers and storytellers can create content through messages, images, and stories that inspire and engage people.
  • Campaigns. We can explore how to reach your audience through the right channels, conversations, and experiences.
  • Knowledge. We can provide coaching and training to equip your team to be confident and effective communicators.

The program is intended for DMV-based organizations that meet the following criteria:

This is an opportunity for your organization to collaborate with our team of strategists, researchers, designers, and storytellers and for Hattaway to partner with local organizations and help support our community. 

To apply, please send the following to with “Pro-Bono Application” in the subject line:

The application open period is from April 10–May 12, 2023. We will review all submissions and contact the finalists for additional information.