Here’s what you can do with SPIRE audience engagement research and resources

Sector Reports on your issue. SPIRE includes deep insight on how people want to engage on nearly two dozen issues. SPIRE Sector reports shows who cares most about your issue, the best ways to engage and motivate them, and how to expand your reach to other promising segments. Each sector report includes a complete dataset on your audience and a one-hour consultation on how to apply the findings to your work. You can also opt for a custom Audience Engagement workshop exploring a variety of applications for your organization and mapping out a data-driven approach to expand your reach and response rates. 

Custom Segmentation of your list. We can survey your current supporter list to reveal which SPIRE segments are most dominant in your list. By focusing this lens on your current audience, you can see how they align with your current engagement strategies, and get insights on how to expand and tailor engagement to increase your reach and response rates. We can help you create your own SPIRE Audience Engagement Toolkit with guidance for messaging, visual communications, storytelling, experiences, and more.

Audience Engagement and AI Workshop for your team. We can lead a workshop with your team to learn how to tailor content and engagement for different audience segments—using Artificial intelligence (AI) tools to help generate ideas for strategies, messages, images, stories, activities, and more. This approach can be applied to communications, partnerships, programs, development, community engagement—whoever engages external audiences for your organization.

Custom Survey Questions on the national SPIRE survey. To understand public perceptions of your organization, get fresh perspectives on your most pressing issues, or test new messages, you can add custom questions to the national SPIRE survey, starting in the spring of 2024. You’ll get an Insights and Ideas report on your questions along with all of the SPIRE audience segmentation insights and personas—at a fraction of the cost of fielding your own segmentation survey.

Audience Engagement Strategy for your organization. A data-driven, tailored engagement strategy can help your organization cultivate valuable relationships with many audiences— members, donors, volunteers, digital followers, program beneficiaries, and more. We can help you make the most of SPIRE data and insights to develop an Audience Engagement Strategy that increases your reach, resources, and impact. It will provide a clear view of your priority audiences and the actions you need them to take, along with creative approaches to activate them through messaging, storytelling, content, products, and experiences they will value.