"Thanks again for sharing your amazing work and insights. You really have helped us do our work better. I don’t say that very often after training, but it is true."

— Federal government employee who participated in a Hattaway workshop

The most impactful organizations empower everyone on their team to communicate effectively. Professional development programs that include communication skills are popular with employees who know that communicating well is key to their success. 

 Hattaway offers engaging, productive training programs to equip your entire team with science-based insights, tools, and techniques to communicate with maximum motivating power. 

 We design custom training programs for federal agencies, nonprofits, foundations, international organizations, and others. 

 Workshop topics include:

The Art and Science of Aspirational Communication
Strategic Storytelling
Jargon-Busting: The Science of Clear Communication
Communicating about Government Policies and Programs
Communicating about Public Health
Communicating about Racial Equity and Justice
Attitude Change: Six-Step Strategy to Change Hearts and Minds—For Good

What would you like to learn? Email us at info@hattaway.com to discuss a training program for your organization.