Building a Powerful Consumer Movement

Audience research helps a legacy nonprofit brand refocus on its mission

As Consumer Reports approached its 80th anniversary, a new leadership team aimed to re-focus the nonprofit’s brand on its mission and address a challenge to its continued success: The average age of the subscribers to its monthly magazine was 69 years old. The Consumer Reports team sought help from Hattaway to craft a research-based brand that would speak to consumers driven by a sense of purpose in their purchasing behaviors. Our Winning Words research helped craft a new message for conscientious consumers who wanted their purchases to reflect their values, and nine out of 10 CR subscribers approved of the new brand. The Hattaway team worked with departments across CR to develop content guidelines and advocacy strategies aligned with the new brand.

Consumer Reports updated its iconic magazine and website to focus on its mission and attract a new generation of consumers.

CR's new Voice and Tone Guide provided practical guidance for content creation aligned with the new band.


Building a Purpose-Driven Consumer Brand

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