Creating a Purpose-Driven Consumer Brand

An aspirational approach fuels a fast-growing social enterprise

Runa is a beverage company with a mission to produce products from Amazonian plants that provide sustainable livelihoods for people who live in the endangered rainforest. Founded by two college grads with little money and no business experience, the unlikely enterprise had to  win the trust of a diverse array of stakeholders—from Amazonian farmers and American consumers to investors, employees, and government regulators. 

Runa’s founders built an authentic and aspirational brand packed with meaning for people separated by distance, culture, language, and lived experience. Smart product positioning focused on its unique value proposition—clean energy from the Amazon—was backed by a brand narrative that created a shared sense of purpose for all of Runa’s stakeholders: We believe people everywhere can benefit from the bounty of the Amazon without destroying it—beginning with the people who live there. 

Their aspirational approach helped Runa’s founders raise millions in capital from investors—including celebrity supporters like Leonardo DiCaprio and Channing Tatum—and build one of the fastest growing beverage companies in the United States

Runa's product positioning drew a clear contrast to chemical-laden energy drinks.
“Rather than paying celebrities to endorse our products, our authentic mission is what attracted each person to want to collaborate and be part of the journey with us,”

— Tyler Gage, co-founder of Runa


Building a Purpose-Driven Consumer Brand

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