Driving Behavior Change with Planned Parenthood

An aspirational public health campaign motivates young women in New York City to use contraception

At a time when six out of ten pregnancies in New York City were not intended, Planned Parenthood of New York City aimed to reduce the unintended pregnancy rate by encouraging young women to use contraception consistently. Research with young women quickly revealed a challenge: overcoming pervasive stigma surrounding birth control. The Planned Parenthood and Hattaway teams worked together to create a new kind of public health campaign with an aspirational brand—I’m On It—that helped overcome stigma by showing how birth control offered young women a greater sense of control over their lives. More than 80 organizations across the city adopted the aspirational approach, and a website rich with information, resources, and storytelling provided information and inspiration to young women. The campaign contributed to a remarkable 57 percent reduction in unintended pregnancies in New York.

Participants in focus group conversations chose images of empowered, confident young women for the campaign's visual identity.

An interactive website provided information and inspiration for young women to choose a method of contraception and use it consistently.

“Birth control doesn’t work.”
“It can make you infertile.”
“The government pushes this to limit minority populations.”

The campaign’s goal was to encourage young women to use birth control consistently—but many held negative views of contraception.


Building a Purpose-Driven Consumer Brand

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