Inspiring Donors for Harvard’s School of Public Health

An Aspirational Brand helps break fundraising records

When Harvard University’s School of Public Health set a goal of raising $450 million, Dean Julio Frenk knew he needed not only to inspire existing donors to give more, but also to reach a new audience of donors who knew little about the school or the complex field of public health. Drawing on the art and science of Aspirational Communication, the Hattaway team equipped the school with a new narrative about public health and the school’s unique positioning in the field, along with an inspiring, goal-oriented vision to frame the capital campaign and a new tagline: Powerful ideas for a healthier world.. The school used our proprietary suite of brand-building tools to design the campaign and change the way it communicated with all of its stakeholders. Ultimately, the school won the single largest gift in Harvard’s history and doubled its original goal by raising $933 million.

Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health installed our aspirational brand message above the entrance to its building in Cambridge, where it serves as an inspiration to students, staff, faculty, and visitors.

“The way in which we communicate plays an incredibly significant role in our success in raising money.”

— Samuel Harp, Harvard School of Public Health


Building a Purpose-Driven Consumer Brand

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